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Horizon alumni learn to fly drones.

Being a flying superhero is a dream for many children – but for two Horizon alumni, it’s becoming a reality thanks to our partnership with Narma.  

Narma is a South Korean-based drone manufacturer with mission to provide equal welfare through drone technology. Specializing in using drones for medical deliveries, Narma technologies make it easier for people to access essential health services.  

In partnership with the Kenyan government, Narma is spreading this drones-for-good technology to East Africa where it can play a major role in providing medical equipment access to remote locations. (Click here to read more on the importance of that, and this partnership). When we announced our partnership with Narma earlier this year, Horizon alumni were only in the beginning stages of applying for the mentorship and training Narma is providing to select Kenyan engineering graduates.  

Now, we’re handing the pen over to two Horizon alumni participating in the program. 

Emmanuel and Barrack traveled to Machakos, Kenya for their training in medical drone technology. They received instruction in full drone assembly on their first day. Trainees were able to interact with Narma instructors, asking questions and interacting with the equipment. In the following days, attendees learned about the mechanics of a drone, diving into their processing systems and data. 

Trainees in Narma's program in Kenya
Trainees in Narma’s program in Kenya

“We gained invaluable firsthand insights into their assembly and calibration processes.” 

Emmanuel and Barrack completed their training by finishing their drone assembly, and watching them take flight. 

“This experience has contributed significantly to our growth and development,” they said. Next steps for these young men include earning their drone flying licenses, which will open up employment opportunities in the field of drone technology.  

“As we immersed ourselves in Narma’s world, we recognized the immense potential and positive impact medical drones could have on society. Their dedication to advancing drone technology and their commitment to Equal Welfare through drone deliveries position them at the forefront of a revolution that could shape a brighter future for us all.” 

We’re grateful for this partnership with Narma that is empowering young adults with the skills necessary to pursue their career goals! This empowerment reaches more people when we work together — do you have a passion for investing in the next generation? Connect with us today to get started. 

Written by: Sarah Pryor and Horizon alumni: Emmanuel and Barrack