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Rescue. Restore. Empower.


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Children and youth are our central focus. Our team advocates for the best interest of each child within our care and guides them through the process of being rescued, restored and ultimately empowered based on their individual unique needs.

We measure progress for each child according to the domains of health and nutrition; housing and safety; livelihood and connection; and education. In addition, we also use these domains to catalyze local and global partnerships that specialize in these areas, as we work together toward holistic and sustainable impact.

Micro Community

Our micro communities serve as hubs of impact within the larger community.

Children and at-risk youth enter our Temporary Housing within the Micro Community through government and/or social work placement. While the child/youth is there, they are welcomed into safe homes with loving and trauma-trained Caregivers. Children are given physical, mental and emotional assessments to determine what resources and support they need to begin the process of holistic restoration and reunification back into their community.

Each Micro Community is located within a larger community. We work to stimulate local resources and partnerships in the local community to strengthen families and build community resilience around each of the children and youth that we support.

Aerial view of a micro-community with buildings and farmland


From the first Micro Community in Kenya, to new locations in Guatemala (2017) and Honduras (2019), Horizon has come alongside hundreds of children and at-risk youth by providing safe places to live, grow, and learn.


Aerial view of a micro-community with buildings and farmland



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Within our Horizon Empowerment model, children and youth experiencing poverty, neglect, and abuse are rescued into a Horizon Micro Community. As their rights are restored, living in a healthy family environment with access to livelihood opportunities, these children and youth become empowered to dream and participate in the flourishing of their own lives and communities.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to empower orphaned, vulnerable children and at-risk youth to a life of self-sustainability while our vision is to radically transform the way they are cared for.


Over the years our impact has rippled out to many children, youth, families, staff, partners, donors and countries. We continue to witness impact multiply as more individuals and corporate partners, just like you, join our global family.