Rescue. Restore. Empower.

31 new shining lights.

There’s a dusty road in rural Kenya, situated between mountains and hills in a western valley. The road unfolds through green fields, leading to a pair of white gates painted with a blue and green sunrise. Just over the wall comes the sound of a faint song, a promise of what’s to come. A group of seven children approach the gates with great expectation. . . 

When their doors swing open, a community comes into view: smiling caregivers come forward to welcome the new children. The music heard faintly before is strong now as children sing and dance with jubilation at the sight of their new siblings. This is the scene of orphaned and vulnerable children coming into safety, family, and community — a picture of children coming home. 

These events, what we call “new admissions,” are cause for celebration: children in the Micro Community put on their dancing shoes, rehearsing songs and dances to welcome their new brothers and sisters. 

Parents and caregivers make beds and lay out clothes, and cooks prepare big meals in the kitchen. Everyone lined up outside on the afternoon of the new children’s arrival. As the gates open…what a joy to behold. Shouts of joy and song filled the air as these new children entered the community.   

Mama Paulyne reflected on the admission of 8 children in one Kenyan community:

 This transformation isn’t just happening in Kenya, either. Throughout the past several weeks, 31 children have entered communities in Kenya and Latin America.

From babies to pre-teens and everywhere in-between, kids are entering the loving arms of family with Horizon. As our doors continue to widen even more in the coming weeks and months, love and empowerment will increase as well.