group of school children in the outdoors

Rescue. Restore. Empower.



Children and youth experiencing poverty, neglect, and abuse are rescued into a Horizon Micro Community. As their rights are restored, living in a healthy family environment with access to livelihood opportunities, these children and youth become empowered to dream and participate in the flourishing of their own lives and communities.


Children and at-risk youth are RESCUED out of poverty-stricken situations of neglect and abuse that require immediate intervention and are brought into the safety of care within Horizon’s Micro Communities.

two children in uniforms sitting at a desk with a teacher on a laptop in a bright blue colored classroom


Basic human rights and healthy family living are RESTORED to the children and at-risk youth.


When basic human rights are restored, children and youth become EMPOWERED, able to dream new visions and possibilities for one’s own life and the communities they are in.

A group of young adults in graduation robes throwing their caps in the air