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Empower Program


Horizon Empowers is committed to empowering children and youth in our care. We know that education and livelihood opportunities are the pathways that ultimately lead to sustainability and empowerment, breaking generational cycles of poverty.


Private Education

Horizon Empowers’ School: Academia La Providencia, Honduras

Our private, biIingual Christian school sits atop a mountain range in the heart of Siguatepeque. Academia La Providencia (ALP) educates over 425 children yearly, both from within Horizon Empowers’ Micro Community and those in the surrounding community. At ALP, orphaned and vulnerable children receive access to education that is changing their lives!

Primary & Secondary Education

Empowering education access for primary and secondary school children can direct the course of their entire life. Children who do not receive primary school education miss out on foundational learning opportunities, making it difficult to catch up with peers later in life. Access to a quality education is a necessary element of rescuing children from poverty, restoring their rights and empowering them to be an active member within their surrounding community. Horizon offers a spectrum of educational opportunities to achieve this from our onsite schools in Honduras and Guatemala to subsidizing school fees for children living in Kenya.

Continuing Education

Youth face a significant amount of trauma when living in poverty, creating significant barriers to the help and support they need for interdependent development. Many come from families that cannot support them in continuing education, vocational training and living on their own. Through mentorship and career coaching we help each youth to identify a unique pathway towards self-sustainability, including trade school, university/college or entrepreneurship.


Livelihood and jobs are essential in preventing the separation of children from their families: many continue to be separated due to a lack of sustainable income.

Horizon Empowers and our local partners work alongside reunified families, as we seek and create opportunities for livelihood that lead to a dignified income and ultimately the fruition of our mission of self-sustainability for the children, youth and families we serve.

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Within our Horizon Empowerment model, children and youth experiencing poverty, neglect, and abuse are rescued into a Horizon Micro Community. As their rights are restored, living in a healthy family environment with access to livelihood opportunities, these children and youth become empowered to dream and participate in the flourishing of their own lives and communities.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to empower orphaned, vulnerable children and at-risk youth to a life of self-sustainability while our vision is to radically transform the way they are cared for.


Over the years our impact has rippled out to many children, youth, families, staff, partners, donors and countries. We continue to witness impact multiply as more individuals and corporate partners, just like you, join our global family.