young child smiling holding onto a metal play equipment

Rescue. Restore. Empower.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to empower orphaned, vulnerable children and at-risk youth to a life of self- sustainability while our vision is to radically change the way in which they are cared for.

Our guiding principles and core values keep us unapologetic in our advocacy and support of breaking cycles of poverty and empowering children, youth and families with a sustainable life.

Best Interest of the Child: We identify and cater to the unique needs of each individual child within our Rescue, Restore and Empower programs.

No Aging Out: We support children beyond the age of 18 by providing mentorship and funding for youth pursuing trade school, college/university education, entrepreneurial ventures.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: We create paths of empowerment through initiatives that provide quality education for children and youth, as well as opportunities for livelihood for local families.

100% Promise: Our corporate administrative costs are covered by Friends of Horizon, which means 100% of your donations support care for children.

An adult and two children walk down a dirt road with back packs on behind a larger group of people

Core Values

It takes empowered people to empower the world’s most vulnerable. Our Core Values keep us focused on our mission and connected to a greater purpose that involves us all.

Human Dignity: We affirm that all people have intrinsic, unique value and therefore deserve respect and an opportunity to thrive. Honoring this lifts others above ourselves. 

Best Interest of the Child: We believe each child and each child’s situation is unique. Their individual best interest needs to be the guiding principle and primary consideration for all we do. 

Sustainability: We address sustainability from two directions. Lifelong impact prepares our children for independence and giving back. Operational sustainability ensures Horizon will be around for generations to come. 

Cultural Sensitivity: We strive to operate in ways that are relevant and sensitive to local cultural values and customs, forging positive ties with local communities and cooperating with governmental organizations whenever possible.  

Symbiosis We were created for relationship. Together we can pursue a purpose beyond ourselves and uncover the deeper meaning of our shared humanity.