Rescue. Restore. Empower.

Restore Program


In addition to the restoration of each child’s holistic health, we’re committed to restoring basic rights. Through intentional advocacy and case management, we identify both the unique needs of each child as well as relatives within the community that are willing to support them in a safe and loving home. As these opportunities arise our team of child advocates then facilitate an intentional reunification process.

Home-Based Care

Intentional case management and individualized support based on the unique needs of each child and family.

Supported Independent Living

Housing and mentorship/coaching for youth and young adults to support them toward independent living.

Services Provided:

Health and Nutrition

Daily Nutritious Meals
Access to sanitation and hygiene
Medical treatments

Housing and Safety

Housing repairs or relocation
Ongoing case-management evaluations for abuse and neglect

Livelihood and Connection

Evaluation and facilitation of local community/church connections
Identification of livelihood opportunities
Seed capital and technical support


Access to primary/secondary school for children
University/trade school or entrepreneurship support for youth

An adult and two children walk down a dirt road with back packs on behind a larger group of people

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Within our Horizon Empowerment model, children and youth experiencing poverty, neglect, and abuse are rescued into a Horizon Micro Community. As their rights are restored, living in a healthy family environment with access to livelihood opportunities, these children and youth become empowered to dream and participate in the flourishing of their own lives and communities.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to empower orphaned, vulnerable children and at-risk youth to a life of self-sustainability while our vision is to radically transform the way they are cared for.


Over the years our impact has rippled out to many children, youth, families, staff, partners, donors and countries. We continue to witness impact multiply as more individuals and corporate partners, just like you, join our global family.