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Emmanuel’s Story

After the disappearance of his mother and death of his father, Emmanual and his six siblings were raised by their elderly grandmother. She could not adequately provide for them, and his brother Mark Kadonye was admitted into Shangilia (now Horizon). Emmanuel, hungry for an education, refused to be sent away and joined the Horizon family too, in 2006.

Emmanuel’s love for education grew as he went through school, and he eventually qualified to join Lodwar Boys National School. During high school, he reunited with his maternal family and began mentoring his younger cousins while continuing to earn good grades, leading to his admission at Jomo Kenyatta University (JKUAT).

Walter and Alice, Emmanuel’s house parents while at Baba Nyumbani, have continued to mentor, support and celebrate him. The most recent celebration took place on June 23 as Emmanuel graduated from JKUAT with his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering!

As Horizon team member Beth Mbugua says, “the overwhelming love, respect and gratitude that Emmanuel accords Horizon is evident in how he passionately describes his journey with Horizon and more so, his group parents. Already, he is changing the face and story of Horizon alumni through positive attitude, references and affirmative statements. He dreams of furthering his education by God’s grace.”