Three people signing papers

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Horizon Empowers and Habitat for Humanity Partnership

We are proud to announce a new alliance between Horizon Empowers and Habitat for Humanity Guatemala! Together, we are seeking to improve living conditions and children’s reintegration processess in eastern Guatemala.  

Three people signing papers
Horizon’s Guatemala Country Director, Reyna Locon, signs the agreement beside Delorean Randich, Habitat Guatemala’s National Director.

Our work will benefit the community in two main ways: addressing living conditions is preventative care for families at-risk of separation, strengthening families and equipping them with access to resources to care for themselves and their children. For children who’ve already experienced family separation and live at Horizon’s Micro Community in Zacapa, improving housing for that child’s family is the first step in potential reintegration. 

A home is the backdrop for family. When a house lacks basic necessities, the family can become at risk of poverty, separation and more, making children and youth especially vulnerable. Too many children face this reality across the globe — in Guatemala, an estimated 1.6 million families had inadequate living conditions in 2018, a number estimated to grow by 2.49% annually (Guatemala’s National Council for Housing). As a contributing factor to the poverty so many children and families in Guatemala face, lack of stable housing is a main reason children enter our care. 

Children play at the Micro Community in Guatemala.
Children play at the Micro Community in Guatemala.

The partnership’s first phase includes creating a master plan for the Micro Community in Zacapa, ensuring the land is used to maximize support for children in need. As a part of the collaboration, we will work together to identify housing needs for families of reunified children, as well as seek out families in need of prevention in our area.  Reyna Locon, Horizon Empowers’ Guatemala Country Director, shared her anticipation for the way this partnership will empower the local community:  

“The needs of vulnerable children and adolescents are huge, and we cannot do this alone. With the signing of this agreement between both organizations, we will be able to positively impact the lives of more people so that they can have a full and self-sustainable life through family reintegration.” 

Reyna speaks at the partnership commencement.
Reyna speaks at the partnership commencement.


Your donation will directly support the efforts between Horizon and Habitat in Guatemala, helping us impact more children.

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