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Scholarships promote educational equity.

In Latin America, an education can be the difference between living in poverty and escaping it. A bilingual, private education is even more advantageous — but it’s out of reach for too many children. Tuition costs are a main barrier preventing children from attending school, unless there are systems in place to assist those who need it. That’s where scholarships come in. 

As a bilingual, private Christian school in Honduras, Academia La Providencia (ALP) provides quality education to more than 400 students. ALP is situated within Aguas del Padre, a low-income community in rural Honduras. Thanks to a scholarship program, children in Aguas del Padre are able to attend ALP at no cost. 

The scholarship includes enrollment, monthly tuition, transportation, accident insurance and meals. Through this, the students are motivated to maintain an academic average above 80%. 

Nearly 50 community parents gathered at ALP just before the start of the school year to formally receive their children’s scholarships. We could feel the commitment and gratitude these parents have for their children’s educations — with this, we contribute to not just their own empowerment, but that of the wider Aguas del Padre community. 

ALP scholarship recipient families.
ALP scholarship recipient families.

Private and bilingual education in Latin American countries contributes to the personal and cognitive development of students. Bilingualism adds significant value to an education, giving young adults significantly more opportunities in the working world. In turn, children and young people can provide better opportunities for their families, breaking cycles of poverty through a dignified income. 

If nurtured well, these children will become leaders with Christian and ethical values to strengthen Honduras. Our teachers are trained and committed to their work to serve their students, not only to transmit knowledge, but also to be an example of love and responsibility.  

But without scholarships, none of that is possible. They are the bridge connecting many children to an education that can change…everything. For them, their families, and their communities. Help make that connection for more children possible by giving to ALP on Global Giving. 

Written by: Julissa Arana and Sarah Pryor